Andy Preston

The World's Leading Sales Trainer

Andy Preston. After starting his career in sales at Bupa and Prontaprint, Andy has been both a professional buyer and a top performing sales person. For the last 10 years Andy has been running his own business training others how to create the right sales process for them and to find, get in front of and develop profitable relationships with their new customers.

Andy has worked with over 45,000 salespeople in more than 14 countries, helping them to increase their sales! Andy is also the creator of the 'Stand Out Selling' Sales Methodology - helping you win more business, close more deals, and do so at a higher price!

Andy is often to be seen on stage as he is frequently booked as a professional speaker to speak at events around the world. We are delighted to have Andy at Magnetic Business where he will share with you how to create a client magnet with your sales process.

PS - Check out his 275+ testimonials on LinkedIn.