Creating Your Magnetic Business

18th March 2016 at Elliot House, 151 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WD (opposite Spinningfields)

Who is this Seminar for?

If you are a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Manager, or considering starting your own business this is for YOU.

There are simple processes that some of your competitors know which make it easier for them to find the customers and the staff they want.

At Magnetic Business on the 18th March – you will find out what they are.

I bet you've heard this before......

"The (fill in your own industry sector) is dead!"

I'm not sure if you, like me, get irrationally annoyed whenever someone says that something is dead. Especially when that thing isn't a biological organism that had life in the first place. (So if you're irrationally annoyed right now, then I totally get it, sorry.)

Anyway, since starting my first business, I've been told that hundreds of things are dead.For example, at one point or another, I've been told by some sales person, or competitor (who has ulterior motives) that...

  • Recruitment is dead
  • Training is dead
  • Marketing is dead
  • Branding is dead
  • Twitter is dead
  • Advertising is dead
  • And the Economy is dead

The truth is that Industries, and economies, don't die. They just go through cycles.
And they evolve.
In Magnetic Business we will be sharing with you what is working now


"Everything before 'BUT' is bull***t!"

Author, Carole Fossey

Excuse the profanity, but I find it makes people take notice and it is something I have found to be true time and time again in life.

"I was going to do my homework Mum, but...."

"I would love to go out with you Friday, but...."

"I meant to get that email over to you this morning, but...."

"I wanted to try that in my business, but...."

Do any of these ring true??

Whatever comes after 'but' is an excuse and therefore whatever came before 'but' is bs.

If you are thinking....

I would love to come to the seminar but I don't have the time

I get it. It is always hard to make time for self development, and business development. But aren't these the PRIORITY things that you should be spending time on?

I have often thought that events such as this miss a trick in that you will be in a room with a lot of other North West business people, many of whom you may be able to do business with. But you don't really know who they are and they don't know you.

Well, we have solved that!! If you, like me, believe networking is a life blood, there is a VIP breakfast networking event and lunchtime networking too. If you come away from the event with a new client, contact or referrer as well as a plan for increasing your business - isn't that worth your time?

Or if you are thinking....

This event sounds amazing but it's going to cost a fortune with this line up of speakers

Then let me make you a no brainer offer.

This seminar should be priced at £197, and even at this price it is a steal, because of the amount of learning you are going to get.

This is stuff you will NEVER have seen before and that will sky rocket your success if you implement it.

However, I know 'things are tight', budgets have been squeezed and as a business owner, or high level manager - there are so many conflicting pressures for your cash and your time.

I KNOW that this stuff is worth way more than the £197, but I want to make it a no-brainer for you to be able to attend, so for the next few days you can come along to this value packed event for just £37 and you can get a network breakfast inclusive ticket for just £49.

For even better value for money you can upgrade to the VIP Package. This includes the VIP networking breakfast, priority seats, photo opportunity with the speakers, private dining experience in the historic boardroom at Elliot House dinner on the 17th with the speakers, and some extra value gifts from each of the speakers, worth over £1000 (includes books, videos and one to one consultations). From 5th March the VIP ticket price will be £149, however, until the 4th you can get 2 VIP tickets for £199 or 1 for £99. You'd pay more than that for most VIP dinners without all the additional value.

This price is only available for people who can make decisions quickly. If you wait couple of weeks and still want to come, you may be able to but not at this price. This offer closes on the 4th March and there are only 15 VIP tickets.

"And if you are thinking...."

I would like to go but I need to think it over, I'll book in a few weeks time

I would urge you not to wait. Book now.
The venue for Magnetic Business is the beautiful Elliot House, home of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. We might have to upgrade to a larger venue, but currently we are limited on space to only 70 places.
We already have pre-bookings so there are less than 50 seats still available. Book now.

If you are not sure you can make the date - book now! You can either give your seat to someone else (who will owe you a BIG favour), or you can cancel and we will reallocate your seat and refund you or you can carry over your booking to a future date. All profits from ticket sales will be going to our nominated charity Sanctuary for Veterans – so if you are not sure you can come – book anyway.

But do it now, rather than be disappointed later.

Who are the Speakers?

Carole Fossey

D.R.I.V.E Recruit and Grow Your Business

Click arrow below right for more info on Carole’s presentation

Carole Fossey

Miles Fryer

Branding Expert

Click arrow below right for more info on Miles’ presentation

Miles Fryer

Joe O’Connor

Click arrow below right for more info on Joe’s presentation

Joe O’Connor

Andy Preston

The World's Leading Sales Trainer

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Andy Preston

Ticket Information



Early Bird Offer until 4th March £37

  • Standard Ticket includes Teas and Coffees’ £59 Early Bird Price £37



Early Bird Price until the 4th March is £99

  • VIP ticket includes priority seating, goody bag including free books, photo opportunity with the speakers, lunch, all teas and coffees, networking breakfast event, and VIP Private Dining Experience (3 courses + wine and coffee). VIP £149, Early Bird £99



Networking breakfast at 8am, Early Bird Price £12.

  • Networking breakfast at 8am, Elliot House with the speakers and VIP ticket holders Early Bird Price £12.

Click here for info on our nominated charity

  • Joe O’Connor, was seriously injured in 1999, whilst on a Special Forces night training exercise on the Brecon Beacons in Wales. The weather was atrocious and Joe was blown off a mountain ridge, fell 400ft, and broke his neck in multiple places.
  • He was told he would never walk again. Joe’s next challenge was to rebuild his life, and having done that - to help others do the same. His vision was to turn his dream into a reality. After all, a goal is a dream with a date on.
  • Joe is in the process of creating
    We are proud to support Joe with a % of profits from the Magnetic Business Seminar ATTA